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Natural Sciences Department


• At De Vrije Zee Primary School we aim to cultivate a passion and enthusiasm for Natural Sciences.

• We endeavour to create interesting, meaningful and stimulating learning experiences during contact time with the learners.

Learning outcomes and specific aims

Although the content taught in the different grades differ, the learning outcomes remain constant throughout. The following learning outcomes are covered during the course of the year.

LO 1 – Scientific investigations

The learner will be able to act confidently on curiosity about natural phenomena, and to investigate relationships and solve problems in scientific, technological and environmental contexts.

LO 2 – Constructing Science Knowledge

The learner will know and be able to interpret and apply scientific, technological and environmental knowledge.

LO 3 – Science, Society and the Environment

The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between science and technology, society and the environment.

Specific aims of the Learning Area Natural Science

Four “knowledge strands” are used as organisers of the Natural Sciences content framework. Each knowledge strand is developed across the course of the learning phases.

These knowledge strands are:

• Matter and Materials (Strand 1)
• Live and Living (Strand 2)
• Energy and Change (Strand 3)
• Earth and Beyond (Strand 4)

From Grade 6 onwards these four strands are expanded to include:

• Matter, Materials and Structures (content) and the Scientific and Technological processes, and
• Energy and Change, Life and Living and Mechanisms and the Scientific and Technological processes.

Our dedicated staff members’ dedication and passion for conveying Natural Science knowledge, encourage our learners truly learn to and enjoy the educational process.

Energy Science Mind Map

The Earth and other planets